Feels Like a Steal: The At-Home Beauty Device That Combines Eight Skin Care Treatments into One

Nowadays, beauty devices are the mainstays in my skin-care routine—transforming my appearance in minutes. But thanks to a thoughtful facialist, I realized my regimen needed face massager to relieve tension. While I appreciate the meditative moments these beauty treatments give me from the comfort of my home, it honestly feels overwhelming deciding which device to pick up.

Photo: Courtesy of Therabody

Some days, I want the facial contouring prowess of a microcurrent treatment; other times, I desperately need to combat acne-causing bacteria with an LED device. Oh, and what would I do without gliding my gua sha across my face to promote lymphatic drainage and quell puffiness? As you can assume, I’ve curated quite the arsenal of devices to tackle virtually every concern conceivable. Was I really prepared to add a face massager to my already stacked lineup? I craved a do-it-all device that I could rely on daily or even throw in my suitcase for treatments on vacation. Enter: the TheraFace Pro.

You might already be familiar with Therabody’s technology and you might already be reaching for the brand’s Theragun tool for a muscle massage powered by percussive therapy. Launched in 2016, Theragun is known to deliver instant relief to sore muscles after a long flight, an intense workout, or just too much time sitting on Zoom. Eventually, the Therabody team realized customers would use its body massagers on their faces, although that was not recommended. And so, there was a new task at hand: create percussive therapy solutions suitable for above the shoulderrs.

“Beauty isn’t what drove this—it was really the facial health,” explains Therabody founder Dr. Jason Wersland. Trained as a chiropractor, he crafted TheraFace to treat the likes of jaw tension, as well pressure and sinus headaches—working with medical doctors to ensure safety. Lissa Bankston, Therabody’s director of human performance, says that once the team understood the true benefits of percussive therapy to the face (it brings targeted blood flow to an area and heats up different layers of tissue), they could brainstorm what other treatments you could accomplish simultaneously as the initial two-minute-long facial massage.

So, exactly what else can the handheld device do? To start, there are three massaging attachments to gently release tension, along with a cleansing ring to slough away dirt and debris. Next, there’s a microcurrent ring (and corresponding conductive gel) to firm and plump. Then, there’s an LED-light ring that delivers red, blue, and infrared light to reduce wrinkles and acne. And finally, hot and cold ring attachments are sold separately—the latter helps to reduce puffiness similar to a cryotherapy treatment, while the hot ring increases blood flow and can even help with product absorption, according to triple board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mamina Turegano.

“The most important part of your routine is using the right products, but this can enhance your skin-care goals,” she notes. According to her, incorporating the TheraFace Pro is an excellent way to combine thoughtful cleansing, skin tightening, collagen remodeling, circulation-boosting, and acne-fighting, while alleviating facial tension and improving overall skin health. Turegano explains that there isn’t really a way to misuse the device though she cautions massaging near the center of your face or using within two weeks of receiving injectables. Also, be sure to clean the attachments after each use with a gentle antibacterial soap or alcohol cleansing wipe.

Because the device is rechargeable and portable, the device could be an excellent addition to a pro makeup kit, too. The gadget already counts celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles as a fan—even prepping Gabrielle Union’s skin for the Met Gala with it. She tells Vogue that she is obsessed with the streamlined process of carrying a singular tool with her. “When I use the heating and cooling attachments during skin prep, I instantly see my clients’ shoulders drop and relax into the chair,” she says. “Just having that place of relaxation as a starting point makes a big difference.” While she opts for the cooling, heating, and percussive attachments to treat clients, she features all of them in her own routine. Her tip?: “Just running the heat attachment on my face and down my neck readies me for a good night’s sleep.”

With that, consider the multitasking TheraFace Pro the best bang for your buck to reveal your best skin yet.

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