A passion-driven skincare, beauty, health, and wellness facial spa and beauty salon.


A passion-driven skincare, beauty, health, and wellness facial spa and beauty salon. Let your skin breathe, be radiant and free with our carefully curated, clean skincare, beauty and wellness products as well as in-spa skincare treatments. We partner and align with brands that stand by our core values, honesty and integrity. We know and believe skin health is an integral part of self-love and self-care. It is never too late to attain healthy skin at any age.

Who We Are

We are the modern guide to living your best life from the inside out. To us, self-care is living an intentional lifestyle encompassing every aspect of life. Physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual. We firmly believe true beauty starts from within and that being kind to others will always win. More of that please. We understand that life isn’t always black and white (although we love that color combo), and there are many shades of grey. We believe in moderation and balance in all that we do, we try our best to lead by example and live a life of wellness with a holistic approach. So there's no judgements here, ever. Freeface isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. A life we choose to live. Because being free shows first and foremost…on your face. We are free.

Who You Are

You’re free-spirited too, and confident. You’re smart. You’re clever. You're compassionate and intuitive. You care, about yourself, others, and the world around you. You purchase products with intention - good for you, good for the soul, good for this earth. You're about quality, not quantity, and that includes services you invest in and those you surround yourself with. We appreciate you for choosing us. You understand putting yourself first isn’t a selfish act, but an act of loving one’s self. We understand you and what you’re looking for. We’re here to give you the scoop on all the best brands- clean, healthy, effective. Maybe you’re a bride that’s ready to tie the knot and start your skincare journey…or a multi-tasking mom, an entrepreneur, a man that’s not afraid to make caring for his skin a priority. We’re here for you. You want it all- a place that provides a little bit of everything and that’s us. Just think of us like a really good friend.

We take pride in the brands we carry.