Jan Marini Hyla3D Face Serum

Jan Marini Hyla3D Face Serum Featured In Vogue

Jan Marini’s Hyla3D serum is Marino’s pick for normal to dry or mature skin. “Its patented formula features four different types of H.A. at different molecular weights to address hydration and different levels of the skin, in conjunction with calcium ketogluconate, which is a hyaluronic-acid booster,” she explains. “This serum helps to hydrate and replenish the skin while restoring volume, delivering a more youthful, bouncy complexion.”

Hyla3D’s patented combination of 5 advanced Hyaluronic Acid (HA) supporting technologies provides lasting HA to the skin in a weightless serum – perfect for combining into any skin care routine on any skin type. In addition, multiple advanced technologies unique to Hyla3D Face Serum further support HA, elastin and overall skin quality.

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